JOY JOY JOY (I can do it!) - I just wanted to share the powerful effects your 'I Can Do it' song is having on Special Ed students in the East Bay in California.  Your incredible song has given them the confidence to persevere!!!  Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with the world.  And thank you for listening deeply to your Inner Spirit to allow this gem of all gems to come through you.  Sincerely Randy

FOR CHILDREN - 'Why is it that your work is so utterly relevant to what the world needs that anytime I write something, your music becomes an essential reference?'  Burt Danet A Better Community For All (ABC4All - California)

'Your combination of uplifting words and 'musical moods' is just what we need right no on the planet.'

'What's really great is that I listen to them in my minivan so that my children remember the words & the music.'

'My 4-year old enjoys them too!  It makes me feel good to share these wonderful songs with him.'

FOR CHILDREN & FOR ALL AGES - I love your music.  It really helps to get into my subconscious to break those bad thoughts.  What's really great is that I listen to it in my minivan so that my children know the music and the words.

EAGERLY ANTICIPATING FILLING MY SPACE WITH YOUR MUSIC - My nieces, 3 & 6, have most of the words to 'A New Adventure' memorized and love to sing them at their school...especially 'if it feels good, do it.'  Laughter and love.  Dianne J.  New Mexico

THE STORY OF TIME - Turtle & Tree - Hi Francine.  this is Taruja from Taiwan.  I have been applying for 13 moon calendar for some years.  I subscribed to the newsletter of the Foundation for the Law of Time and found your music.  I love your music a lot so I downloaded the album of 'The Story of Time' and bought the music.  August 2023 - Taruja - Taiwan

FROM BULGARIA - Hello Dear Francine!  My name is Nikolay from Bulgaria.  I am very happy to hear your music and it rise up my vibrations and I love it really!  It is for me medicine.  Thank you for doing it.

I CAN BEGIN AGAIN - Hi Francine.  Just had to send this latest update on my daughter since she is celebrating life at its fullest and comments on 'joy' several times...guess your latest CD produced that for her!  Thanks for the months of caring and providing love and music for her recovery and strength...and learning how to find her way.  Love Jane (Jane's daughter was the inspiration for I CAN BEGIN AGAIN for friends going through breast cancer and other of life's challenges not knowing it would also serve me well a few years down the road)

FROM NEW ZEALAND - Dear Francine.  Around 12-13 years ago your music really helped me at a difficult time when my husband was terminally ill.  The words and melodies uplifted me over and over.  I had a lot of your cd's and would play them in the car.  In subsequent years with my granddaughter we would sing along and she called it Grandma's happy slappy music!  The other morning I woke up with the words of 'It's A Good Day; going around in my head and I put it on Youtube and played so many of your lovely healing songs.  I just wanted to reconnect and tell you how much your music helped me during those times.  You are so appreciated.  Regards, Lynne.  Formerly of Auckland and now in Taupo, New Zealand.

FOR CHILDREN - SO UPLIFTING - I find your music sooooo uplifting!  My children and I are really enjoying iy.  I find the lyrics of some of your songs running through my head at night.  C.M.  Edmonton, Canada


THE ESSENCE OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN WORDS & MUSIC - You have combined the essence of the law of attraction philosophy with beautiful inspiring music in a way that I now find as helpful as the books.  I play them and sing along in the car most every day and they never get old.  I especially love the way you use different styles - like the South/Central American sounds.  Baird, Oregon

LOVE YOUR MUSIC - I really LOVE your music.  I listen to it every morning to start my day and all through the day whenever I can.  It's helping so much.

FROM SOUTH AFRICA - Each morning when I get in my car to go to work(usually around 6:00) I say good morning to you as the music starts when I leave and that I must tell you that every day my day starts off in the most amazing way.  I say hello to you, listen to your praise of all that is good - and am in a good mood for the rest of every day thanks to your singing.  And you are so versatile!  I love it!  Helen.  South Africa

GOING HOME - 'River of Eternity' is the perfect song as I grieve for my wife of 56 years, Marsha Danet.  Burt Danet.  A Better Community For All (ABC4All. Legacy - California)

FROM THE NETHERLANDS - Dear Francine, every time I find my way back to your wonderful voice, music & lyrics...I would like/love to share your music with my friends on FB here in the Netherlands.  All the best to you!

FROM MEXICO - Muchas mañanas mi nieticito de 6 meses y yo escuchamos tu CD de 'A New Adventure.'  Hoy le encontré en Broadjam y quedé maravillada, tu repertorio es hermosa y de mucha trascendencia.  Desde hace años al escuchar tu primero CD que compre con Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks, te envio bendiciones desde mi corazón al tuyo.  Eloisa

DO IT FOR LOVE - GREETINGS FROM SWEDEN - I want only to say that now my wife and I have listened to your songs many times and we both love them more & more.  They are beautiful as background inspiration and when we return to the album after not having listened for a week, it is like meeting a dear friend again.  Greetings from Sweden and blessings!  Nils Jacobson M.D.

A NEW ADVENTURE - uplifting & inspiring, humming your music all day long.  Barbara, White Plains, N.Y.

GREAT MUSIC EXPERIENCE KEEPS GETTING BETTER & BETTER - Thank you for the great music experience.  It keeps getting better & better each time I listen to it.  Linda.  Ph.d


JOY TO THE UNIVERSE...rivers of positive energy...Philadel[phia, PA

A NEW ADVENTURE...Songs bring joy and emotion!  Cannot get them out of my mind.

All your music is inspired and has that essence of 'knowing' within each song.  When I first heard 'A New Adventure' I was just not prepared for the emotion that I would feel.  Music is a compelling vibration.  The songs are simple and one remembers them and cannot get them out of their mind...therefore there is a wonderful 'well-being' reminder planted within you all the time.

I listen in the house cooking but every time I leave the house, it's in my car.  I have gotten more joy and inspiration and more 'staying in the flow' from this than any other thing that I have ever been involved in.  I love you!  Bye bye...Jane M.  Alabama

MOST POWERFUL EXPRESSION OF JOY - Your music is the most powerful expression of joy I have ever heard.  Your songs simply and 'angelically' convey the Abraham message in its purity.  Mary Anne, Florida

MUSIC THAT HELPS YOU REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE ALIVE - These inspirational 'songs of well-being' are better described as 'music that helps you remember why you are alive.'  If this were the only thing that we had created in our lifetime, it would be enough.  Esther Hicks - Abraham - Hicks Publications

A NEW ADVENTURE/DO IT FOR LOVE - I do not leave home without it!  I cannot get the songs out of my head.  I had to pull into a gas station to get some kleenex before I could journey forth...I was so moved.

Thank you Francine, for doing what feels good for you to do.  It feels GOODe to me too!  Kathy Goode

Hello Francine...Me again!  Thanks for all the help you 'gift' to me...I'm living the love your songs bring to me!  With deep gratitude for uplifting our souls with your sweet and beautiful music...Hugs!  Julia

WRITTEN JUST FOR ME...JOY JOY JOY - Francine, I love your music so much.  I believe the JOY JOY JOY album was written just for me.  It has helped me so much, and I really do feel joyous!  Thank you.  Kindly and sincerely.  Pam

I CAN BEGIN AGAIN - Today I got your CDs and in the evening I was listening already.  All your songs are heart-opening.  Thank you for your loving gift also.  Ilona - California & Hungary (Ilona used the song I Can begin Again for a tribute video on the passing of her favourite horse and sent me the video)

WE ARE THE ONES...After listening to your song 'We Are The Ones (We've Been Waiting For)' I felt so emotional and wanted to ask your permission to write just the words of the chorus in a book I am writing called 'Heal.'  I know the saying comes from one of the Hopi elders.  It would be an honour to write the words of your song at the end of the introduction because they give the world such a powerful message .  I pray we might meet one day.  Thank you, Francine.  Sandie.  U.K.

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