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The Time Is Now!
In 2012, Francine and Peter Kelly collaborated on an epic anthem for mankind - the Nu Dream.  Our vision for this song is that it becomes something along the lines of John Lennon's Imagine, played regularly on radio stations the world over - inspiring people of all races and creeds to take responsibility for their lives and to move this world towards a better day for all of mankind.

WELCOME TO 'YOUR MUSICAL CONNECTION TO WELL-BEING' - A new and unique approach to wellbeing - just as children can learn and remember their ABC's, Francine's songs can help them to learn and remember positive, uplifting concepts of well-being with words & music enhancing empowering emotions and self-esteem.  A special blend of spiritual wisdom.

We are developing new concepts for teaching well-being and self esteem to young children in an educational, uplifting and entertaining way not only just with music but as Musical eBooks to be easily used with SMART Boards in the classroom.

Unveiling Harmony:  Musical eBooks
Where Melodies Meet Stories, Inspiring Your Imagination
     - Immerse Yourself in a Symphony of Words and Music
     - Explore New Realms of Creativity and Inspiration
     - Experience the Fusion of Literature and Melody
     - Elevate Your Reading Experience with Musical eBooks
     - Discover a New Dimension of Multimedia Entertainment

Join the Movement.  Feel the Beat.  Read the Story.




I am proud to announce the formation of an exciting new affiliation.  This includes Dr. Burton Danet, PhD, Founder of ABC4All, myself, Joe Tavares of Joe Tavares Design and Ross Harvey, Founder of The Peace Project.  It is our hope that through this exciting affiliation we will be able to bring peace, love and beautiful music and imagery to every country and all people in the world!  See the Press Release.

In addition, I'd like to announce the release of my latest Musical eBook - Do It For Love.  I hope you watch it in its entirety and share it with all your friends/contacts.

I am happy and proud to announce my new projects.  Follow the Rainbow - for children, parents & teachers  uplifting songs of well-being to promote positive thoughts and self-esteem — a children’s Musical eBook which we plan to distribute in schools across Canada & the United States in the hopes that teachers will play it on their SMART Boards in the classroom…includes easy-to-remember music, lyrics and empowering quotes. Check out this Musical eBook here:  Follow The Rainbow 

The recently created Musical eBook, The Story of Time - The Story of Turtle and Tree is being taken out to Schoolboards, Schools and Educators across Canada and the United States for starters!  Check out the Musical eBook here:  The Story of Time - The Story of Turtle and Tree. 

Going Home, a reverent tribute to those we have lost and their memory.  Our interest and goal is to offer this Musical eBook to be used for 'celebration of life' memorials.  Check out the Musical eBook here:  Going Home

It's Up To Me.  Following fast on the heels of Follow The Rainbow is another Musical eBook for children, parents and teachers of all ages with the objective being to encourage educators and parents around the world to use these easy to learn songs to teach valuable lessons to their students.  Check out the Musical eBook here:  It's Up To Me.

If You Love This Planet.  Now as in no other time in history we need the valuable lessons this essential Musical eBook teaches about stewardship of the planet and the children as leaders of our future world.  Check out the Musical eBook here:  If You Love This Planet.



The Story of Time - The Story of Turtle and Tree

Written & Illustrated by José Argûelles -

Music written, recorded & performed by Francine Jarry -

Maya - Children of the Sun Theme beautifully arranged & orchestrated by Peter Mika

Most people today have never questioned the 12 month calendar by which we live, a calendar barely 500 years old...a calendar of 12 irregular months which needs a rhyme to help us to remember how many days in each month.  This 12 month calendar also coincides with the beginning of the age of industialization which seems to be running out of control.

Long ago our planet was known as 'Turtle Island' by all the children of the Earth for the power of 13 is contained within the matrix of the back of Turtle's shell...and as Turtle swims upon the seas of creation, Earth navigates her way through the Cosmos, for it takes 13 moons for the Earth to make one complete orbit around the Sun while Tree keeps time 'one ring-each year.'

The Story of Time is a gentle blending of narration and song...our connection to the Earth and to each other.  The 'Intro' track Maya Theme Children of the Sun is intended as background while you read the introduction pages...hope you will enjoy your journey through time...


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